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According to UN HABITAT there are currently more than one billion people living in slums without basic living conditions and it is forecasted that this number will rise to more than two billion by 2030.

More than two billion people do not have access to sustainable, affordable, stable, healthy, safe and secure shelter with a minimum infrastructure.

Eco Terra Invest promotes affordable and sustainable homes and other buildings with unique construction materials, technology and affordable prices for everyone.

Our prime objective is to bring the concept of sustainable, ecological, carbon zero affordable solutions to populations and communities, with housing and other infrastructures supported by integrated utilities and self-contained services at a fraction of the normal, traditional cost while delivering worldwide recognized and approved high standards.

We cater to the needs of individuals, communities and governments with our solutions.


Our new brand solar2go is providing clean and renewable solar power solutions for those in remote locations or without access to the grid.

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Eco Terra Invest is an affordable house solution company founded by two individuals with diverse backgrounds and different, but complementary professional skills that share a unique vision and passion for sustainability, affordability and an acute awareness of the impact that climate change and rising world population is having on humanity.


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Eco Terra Invest develops its own designs and Intelectual Property (IP) solutions in collaboration with its partners in order to achieve new designs and typologies for new houses and other buildings in accordance to its clients needs, thereby adding to its own portfolio of houses and auxiliary buildings.

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